Global Blockchain Show: Meet the best Web3 experts live

Global Blockchain Show
Global Blockchain Show

»This post is an unpaid PR, media collaboration«

We are proud to announce our collaboration as a media partner with Global Blockchain Show, the largest blockchain event in Dubai! Join 10000+ attendees, 300+ speakers and shape the dialogue that’s sculpting tomorrow at Grand Hyatt Dubai Conference Centre on the 16-17th of April.

Global Blockchain Show Dubai is a grand blockchain event organized by VAP Group. With an anticipated attendance of over 10,000, the largest blockchain exhibition venue of 12,000 sqm aims to provide interactions, learnings, and collaborations with industry experts, startups, and leading companies.

Featuring 300 presenters from the Web3 ecosystem, this show promises an overall exploration of the latest blockchain trends. Renowned speakers include Lennix Lai, Chief Commercial Officer at OKX; Dominic Williams, Founder & Chief Scientist of DFINITY Foundation; David Palmer, Chief Product Officer at Vodafone and many other elite-class blockchain industry leaders.

Beyond providing networking opportunities, it’s a platform to showcase projects, explore investment prospects, and learn new income streams.

The event concludes with an evening bash at the renowned WHITE Beach, Dubai, offering a delightful end to an insightful gathering and a chance to forge connections in a relaxed atmosphere. The Global Blockchain Show is a gateway to a world of blockchain possibilities, networking, and collaborative opportunities.

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